The world is changing before our eyes. We have entered a new “Digital Economy”. What worked for us in the past no longer works. I’m certain that if you take a few minutes and try to think about small businesses in your town you’ll notice that most (if not all) have been forced to change the way they operate. Pizza chains are now selling $5 pizzas, dentists are now texting appointment confirmations, heck- you can buy a car online.

The tough reality is that if you’re still operating the exact same way you were five years ago, you’re on your way out of business.

Below are resources and recommendations for tools that will help you with your business do-over.


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I get asked all the time what platform I use for Digital Products.  The only resource I recommend is an All-in-One website, membership site, email marketing product called Kajabi.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.kajabi_logo-563505f364e7971df657c3d7c0a49ef7ac6134284b091cac2d86cb7650c26515