Business Strategy Coaching

Simply put – a strategy is a plan.  And, although it’s important to develop strong plans in order to achieve our goals, a plan will only work if we work the plan.

Too often we judge other people by their actions yet we judge ourselves by our intentions.

Whether you’re focusing on your Operations Strategy, Technology Strategy, Marketing Strategy or your Exit Strategy the most important part of any strategy is execution.  Jeff will work along side you to help develop and execute your plan.  Coaching is a critical part of ensuring your intentions result in action.

Jeff will help you keep accountable to your business, your customers, your team and yourself.  He offers four different ways to help you achieve your goals.

Online Coaching Courses

Jeff has created online courses filled with helpful solutions for today’s business owners.  These private courses are accessible 24 hours a day by desktop, laptop or mobile device.  Each course includes videos, downloadable worksheets and MP3 audio downloads so you can consume the information when, how and how often you want.

One of the biggest benefits of our online courses is the community component.  We have private Facebook groups where members interact and support each other.  And, within the course platform, we also have dialog sections under each video to interact directly with Jeff to get feedback and support.

Most importantly, each course includes a coaching component to ensure accountability.  You are invited to monthly coaching calls.  Each call is recorded and will always be accessible, in the course platform, for play back at your convenience.  And, they will be downloadable as MP3’s, so you can listen to them as you workout, relax or commute.

For more information on an Online Coaching Courses, please visit our Membership Site – Mulligan Island.

Small Group Coaching

So often, we business owners feel like we’re on an island by ourselves.  We are a different breed; and we’re often misunderstood – even by the people who know us best.  We think differently than most people and we don’t feel comfortable discussing certain challenges or ideas with employees, friends and even loved ones.   Collaboration with like-minded people is critical and one of the most effective ways to achieve your goals.

Jim Rohn famously said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Having other people to bounce ideas off of and share challenges with provides multiple perspectives and leads to success.

Jeff facilitates small mastermind groups and mastermind retreats.  The groups are carefully balanced to ensure the each member is fully served and maximizes their experience.  By combining strengths, talents and experience our small groups help lift each other up while holding everyone accountable to reach their respective goals.

As a Small Group Coaching client you also receive individual coaching with Jeff.  Each month we meet as a group and individually, with Jeff, for a One-to-One, 90-minute Coaching Session.

Each Small Group Coaching client also receives access to our suite of online training courses.

For more information on Small Group Coaching or to attend a mastermind retreat, please contact Jeff for availability.

One-to-One Coaching

We all know how we got where we are today.  We worked tirelessly building our businesses and we developed the mindset to do anything and everything it takes to succeed.  Unfortunately, now that we’re here, we are having trouble seeing how to take our businesses to the next level and beyond.

In fact, that “do anything it takes” mindset has likely caused us to be pulled so far IN our business that we’re having trouble understanding the right next steps for our businesses.

Clients that work One-to-One with Jeff have been able to change their perspective and understand how their businesses fit in today’s digital economy.  As technology rapidly changes the way business is done, we lose sight with how it is impacting our customers, employees and operations.

Like fingerprints each business is unique and no two coaching clients are the same.  So, each One-to-One Coaching plan is individually designed to accomplish your unique set of goals.  Duration and frequency are matched to your outcomes and schedules remain flexible to your business needs and life’s demands.

Each One-to-One Coaching client also receives access to our suite of online training courses.

For more information on One-to-One Coaching, please contact Jeff for availability.

Digital Product Creation and Marketing

We’re all experts at something; and the world needs to learn from your perspective and experiences.  However, the challenge is that we’re so busy being the expert that we don’t have the time to create and market digital or physical products that will help grow our brands and profits.

Jeff has worked directly with clients to help them take their expertise and expand their brands.  Whether you’re looking to create physical products such as books, DVD programs, workshops or live events you’re most likely too busy in your day-to-day business that you can’t even think about adding that to your offerings.

You know that digital products such as online courses, memberships sites, podcasts, ebooks, blogs, vlogs, webcasting and more are how businesses are marketing today, but just like the physical products you’re too busy to create and market digital products.

Often, adding these types of things only add complexity, confusion and chaos to our businesses and our lives.  And, although we know we need to change the way we market, we simply don’t have the bandwidth to add it on.

These done-for-you services can be fun and lucrative.  And, they can increase your authority as you’re seen as an Expert.

Each Digital Product Creation and Marketing client also receives access to our suite of online training courses.

For more information on Digital Product Creation and Marketing, please contact Jeff for availability.